Vertical Leap Improvement Links

1.) Joe DeFranco DB Swings (w/bands)


As you can see bands can be a powerful tool for your vertical leap improvement process.  The bands combined with dumbbell swings is an excellent movement to teach the hip hinge pattern.


2.) Med Ball Toss


The medicine ball has so many uses in the vertical leap development. This exercise for example is the Backwards Overhead Medicine Ball Throw. This exercise teaches triple extension of the hips and is a very useful concept in the vertical leap.

 3.) Accelerated Drop Squat


This is a great exercise to teach you to speed up your eccentric phase.  The faster you descend the higher you will jump.


4.) Joe DeFranco Best Exercises to Increase Vertical

When this guy speaks about the best exercises to increase vertical you better listen.  This guy's track record is proven.  Here is the link:  The Fabolous Top 15 Exercises for Higher Vertical Jumps


5.) Joe DeFranco Dirty Tricks to Improve Vertical

Not only does he give some good exercise recommendations but then he adds even more tricks and techniques to help take your vertical to another level:  Dirty Tricks to Improve Your Vertical.

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