Keys to the Two Foot Jump

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two foot jump style


The 2-leg jump style is often characterized by power and strength, however in contrast the 1-leg is often more graceful.

A 1-leg jumper that relied on genetic structure and good leverage often struggle in the transition to a 2-leg jump.  Because the 2-foot jump has a longer ground contact time, styles can vary a bit from athlete to athlete, and still be successful at jumping high and dunking.  While the 1-leg jump is a bit more technical and muscle movement pattern has to be properly sequences to apply force in such a quick time-span on the ground.

Here are some keys to help your 2-foot jump:

      • Strength:  Show me a good athlete, and I'll show you a strong athlete.  You may be lanky, but put that athlete in a weight room, and watch as his numbers jump overnight.  To make sure you are getting the most out of this section, make sure to squat 1.5x your bodyweight and deadlift 2x your bodyweight.

Strength:  Squat

Strength:  Deadlift

      • Explosive Strength:  Another aspect of the jump you can improve is your Rate of Force Development, or in other words how quickly you can apply force.  Not only do you have to be powerful, but you have to be powerful in a quick manner, as jumping is a quick movement.  For example in a bench press, if you lift 325lbs, it doesn't matter if you did in 2 seconds or 7 seconds, the fact is you lifted 325lbs.  Well in jumping, the longer you spend on the ground unnecessarily, the lower you will jump.

Explosive Strength:  Rate of Force Development

      • Proper Jumping Mechanics:  You can learn that and more in the Vertical Efficiency Program.  But you want to be straight at takeoff, no crumpled, forward torso.
      • Hip and Ankle Flexibility:  For the average person doing a dynamic stretch can accomplish this.  However, sometimes you may need to add some special emphasis to achieve the hip and ankle mobility needed to optimize your jumping power.

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Two Foot Jump
Learn the basics of the two foot jump. By learning this you can be a balanced athlete that can dunk in any situation on the court.
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