Keys to the 1-leg Jump


By:  Vertical Efficiency

courtesy of the NBA

courtesy of the NBA

How do you jump off 1-leg?  Graceful and elegant, the 1-leg jump isn't something you can just power through for optimal results.  1-leg jumping for most is either a skill you have acquired naturally over time or don't have.

I have seen a lot of athletes increase their squat, and boom their 2  leg vertical skyrockets, but on the other hand their 1-leg jump stays the same or even sometimes gets worse.

How could that be?  Vertical is vertical.  How could one get better and another worse?  Well you see these two different jumps require two different biomechanical movement patterns.

In terms of their feeling, the 1-leg jump should be smooth almost effortless float in the air type of a feeling whereas the 2-leg jump you can hold onto force a bit longer as you will have a longer ground contact time.

With that said, here are some keys to improve your 1-leg vertical:

        • stiff plant leg:  You want a stiff plant leg and don't want it to buckle too much as you go up through takeoff.
        • achilles tendon stiffness:  Even though this one is largely genetic and not a huge, huge factor.  The difference between the average person and a track and field jumper achilles tendon stiffness is huge.  This will help speed up foot ground contact and get you on your toes and ready to drive.  The best way to develop this stiffness is to accumulate time practicing 1-leg jumps.
        • plant leg underneath you:  Your plant foot will be in front of your body at first contact, but you don't want to reach out with your plant foot.  It will slow you down and won't give you the optimal leverage to jump straight up.
        • pull through the movement:  To get a better idea of what I'm talking about:  watch this:

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Article Name
Keys to the 1-leg Jump
This article goes over the basics of learning how to jump off 1-leg. How to get that smooth, effortless feeling while floating to the rim for a dunk.
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