Frequently Asked Questions- Vertical Efficiency

1.) Are you the on my credit card statement?

A:  Yes, we probably are, assuming you didn't order anything else from them. is what you will see on your credit card statement.


2.) Why did you use GumRoad instead of Paypal?

A:  Good question, GumRoad offers good protection to the buyer as well as the seller.  Using Paypal we would actually lose money giving refunds due to chargeback fees from the credit card company trickling down to us.  Also stories of frozen Paypal accounts on big product accounts scared us off.  Furthermore, the chargeback fees and the potential for a frozen account steered us in another direction.


3.) Well, I don't care about you as the seller, Paypal is good for me the buyer.  I want to use Paypal.

A:  Fair enough.  This is an alternative link to buy this product from Paypal:  PayPal Link